Business News Politics, 16/11/2016

Kharkiv Tanks Arrive to Thailand

A regular consignment of Oplot tanks produced at Kharkiv Malyshev Plant arrived to Thailand after several months of sea rout the company management report.

The contract of the total value of about 250 million dollars for supplying 49 tanks to Thailand is being executed according to the agreed schedule they claim.

The contract was signed in 2011, but it started being fulfilled intensively only in 2015-2016 due to various reasons.

The first five tanks were shipped at the beginning of 2014, other five in December 2015, 10 more vehicles were supplied in the spring 2016 and the recent five in the autumn 2016. The next regular consignment is under final assembly, the pre shipment inspection will be executed prior to field testing.

“All Oplots which arrived to Thailand are brought to their stationing site. The exit Malyshev plant crew examined the tanks on spot, the experts confirmed the delivery and they reported on the vehicles full compliance with their specifications after shipment”, they noted at the Malyshev plant.

According to the Malychev management if Oplots are included into the state order of Defense of Ukraine for 2017 the plant is ready to supply the tanks to the Armed forces of Ukraine immediately.