Business News, 24/10/2017

Kharkiv Transporter Comes From UK

Lozova Machinery plant with headquarters in Kharkiv has manufactured the first versatile trailer in cooperation with British company Larrington Trailers.

According to the plant managers, Kharkiv’s Albion-26 was designed taking into account Ukraine’s climate and the condition its roads. The production facilities were rebuilt completely for manufacturing. These days the vehicle was presented to the possible customers who vary from private agro companies to large holdings like Ukragroleasing.

“The new grain trailer has a load capacity of 18 to 26 tons for goods of different density, which unloads through the opening taildoor, which can be mounted to tractors of 150 horsepower”, the producers specify.

“Its bottom and the body are made of thicker metal. Therefore this body will serve much longer than those of the similar models. This is the case when you can forget about its maintenance service after the purchase,” the deputy chief designer Vadim Sklyarov says.

It is noted that although Lozova trailers present the English line, they are Ukrainian products, therefore they benefit from the program of compensation for domestic manufacturers.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Lozova Machinery