News Society, 02/08/2019

Kharkiv Traveler Sets Records

Kharkiv traveler Artemiy Surin made a journey around the world without using air travel for the first time in the history of Ukraine.

On July 21, Artemiy completed his world tour called “Big Circle” which lasted 280 days in the port of Chornomorsk, Odesa. It was made in accordance with the Royal Geographical Society canons. “The traveler traversed all six continents, 40 countries and crossed all the meridians of the planet without using aircraft. Surin traveled 100,000 kilometers – by land, rivers, seas and oceans,” noted representatives of the Ukrainian Book of Records.

The Ukrainian started his world tour on October 15, 2018, from Kyiv. Artemiy Surin went to boiling hot African countries and freezing cold Antarctica and traveled by ships across three oceans. The Kharkivite visited the most remote island of the Pacific Ocean, Pitcairn. The traveler crossed the equator twice in both directions: north-south and south-north.

He took pictures of little pieces of paradise but also fell into the living hell visiting the distant gloomy region of Pakistan.

“Baluchistan is a remote region of Pakistan on the border with Iran. The place is like a screen version of the living hell. Lifeless desert, burning sun, stones, and half-broken buildings are seen here and there. Sometimes, seeing such a ‘house’ in the hot frying pan of the Baluchi desert, I wondered how and why do people live there?” recalls Surin.

Artemiy filmed each continent and city with a drone to share unique shots with millions of people. However, he got into trouble in Iran. While making a video with a drone in the city of Ardakan, Artemiy was arrested as suspected of spying. The Kharkivite was acquitted on appeal and released from prison in a couple of days after his arrest and evacuated by the staff of the Ukrainian embassy from Iran to Azerbaijan.

The last point of Surin’s journey was Batumi, Georgia, from where he went on to finish in Odesa.

Anna Krysyuk, the director of the Ukrainian Guinness Book of Records, met the Kharkivite in the port. She fact-checked Surin’s adventure. It is noted that after the formalities fixed records will automatically be sent to the Guinness World Records and then presented in more than 25 countries around the world.

When he came back to Ukraine, the traveler told that he was going to switch from Russian into Ukrainian.

“After nine months, 100,000 kilometers of the road, I realized what means for me the country where I was born, live, where I have my beloved people and which my further life and future are connected with. Therefore, I made this decision,” notes Artemiy.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo:,,, Artemiy Surin’s Facebook page