Culture News, 04/06/2020

Kharkiv Ukrainian-Speaking Theatre Faces Closure

Due to quarantine resulting from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, “Post Scriptum,” one of the oldest non-governmental and allegedly the only totally Ukrainian-speaking theater in Kharkiv, may lose its premises and be forced to close.

“We have been playing at various venues in Kharkiv for 21 years, but we have been renting premises on Hirshman Street for 8 years. We play and create our performances, a theater studio for adults and a theater school for children are also located here. Kharkivites know and love this place. They always feel a uniquely warm and cozy, almost homely, atmosphere. And all this could be lost today. This threatens the very existence of the theater,” informs Stepan Pasichnyk, the artistic theatre’s director.

The problem is that “P. S.” unlike state theaters, gets money for its running only from spectators who come to the theater. Due to the quarantine restriction, the theater suspended its activities and stopped performing. As a result, “P.S.” can’t pay the rent.  Summer has come which means a “dead season” for theaters.

“P.S.” theater announced a fundraising campaign to cover the rent until September 2020, when the troupe will be able to resume their full activities.  About 240,000 UAH (approximately €8,050) is needed to be raised as soon as possible.

Reference: For 20 years, more than 50 plays have been staged, totaling more than 3,000 performances, which were attended by more than 100,000 people. “P.S.”  took part in more than 30 festivals, where it received the highest awards.

The theatre’s credo are plays performed in Ukrainian, with high professionalism and compliance with the spirit of our time. Today, its repertoire includes 15 performances.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: “P.S.” theatre’s Facebook page