News Society, 30/04/2019

Kharkiv Ultras March Downtown

On April 26, fans of Kharkiv FC Metalist-1925 gathered on Maidan Konstytutsii and marched along the main streets to the Metalist Stadium to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the song about the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The march started with a minute of silence to honor the memory of perished Ukrainian defenders who were killed in the war. This was followed by the singing of the national anthem of Ukraine. After that fans unfolded a banner saying “Unified Country.” While marching, they chanted a few slogans, including the hit about the Russian president. Also, football fans sang “Warriors of Light” and “Chervona Ruta” songs.

The march was timed to coincide with the start of the match between first division Ukrainian teams: Metalist-1925 and Kolos, Kovalivka, the Kyiv region, which took place on April 26 and ended in a draw.

Reference: The slogan originated in spring 2014 having grown from a football chant first performed by FC Metalist Kharkiv ultras in March 2014 with the onset of the Russian annexation of the Crimea and the commencement of a Russian supported war in the east of Ukraine. This slogan has become widespread among supporters of Ukraine and those who were against Russian intervention.

Source: Ukrainian media

Photo: Ihor Isaenko