News Politics Society, 01/02/2017

Kharkiv Volunteers are Helping Avdiivka

Kharkiv volunteers are collecting clothes, food and heating equipment for the residents of Donbas town Avdiivka who have suffered from Russian shelling. Also, the volunteer organizations have started the campaign “Save Avdiivka” and are getting ready to host the refugees.

Since 29 January Avdiivka which is about 300 km from Kharkiv has become one of the hottest spots along the demarcation line in ATO zone. Shelling from Russia-led forces who used heavy artillery and mortars started three days ago and still continue.

During the last three days, nine Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 50 were wounded.

As a result of the violent nonstop shelling, the Donetsk filtration plant and Avdiivka coke plant, providing heating for Avdiivka, are now de-energized and half of 25 thousand local residents are left without water, electricity and heating with the temperature outside of -18°C.

The evacuation of 160 children with their parents from the town is scheduled for today, 1 February. The emergency services report they are capable of evacuating 12 thousand people if necessary.

Since yesterday different Kharkiv volunteer organizations have been collecting warm clothes, food, detergents and heating devices to bring to Avdiivka. Also, Kharkivites are transferring money to the volunteer organizations accounts.

Today the first Kharkiv volunteers’ buses with humanitarian cargos for Avdiivka are starting from Kharkiv. “The people in Avdiivka urgently need medicine and everything for “warming up” like clothing, gas cylinders, ovens, stoves, all kinds of heaters”, the volunteer Oleh Abramychev from NGO “Syla dopomohy” (Power of help)  reports.

“Station Kharkiv” organization and volunteers in Sloviansk and Izum in addition to collecting humanitarian aid are getting ready to host the refugees from Avdiivka in case the situation doesn’t improve, the shelling doesn’t stop and the electricity and heat supplies are not resumed. They call Kharkivites who have flats and houses for reasonable rent or can host some families for free to join the campaign to help Avdiivka residents.

Also the heads of the сharitable foundation “Kharkiv with you” are appealing to all relevant UN agencies in Ukraine asking them “to urgently acknowledge the humanitarian catastrophe in Avdiivka, Donetsk region, to influence the current situation in the town and to inform the international community”. The signs for the appeal are being collected.