News, 09/09/2019

KharkivAviaFest Goes International

The 6th KharkivAviafest-2019 air show at the Korotych airfield near Kharkiv gathered about 20,000 spectators on August 31 – September 1.

For two days, 12 hours of almost nonstop flights filled the sky over the airfield. All sorts of aircraft, helicopters, gliders and skydivers performed turns, flips, produced smoke trails and other breathtaking aerial acrobatics.

About 30 aircraft participated in the show. Top-level pilots from various Ukrainian cities put on exciting airshows.

According to the head of the Kharkiv aviation club Serhii Filatov, for the first time, the festival became international. Guests from Poland, France and Latvia took part in the event.

The super maneuverable SU-27, which arrived from the Myrhorod military airport, simulated a military operation: an attack on enemy ground facilities. After that, it demonstrated how it would evade enemy missiles with the help of brilliant maneuver.

Visitors were amazed by the AN-72 military transport aircraft of the National Guard of Ukraine, which arrived at Korotych from Kyiv.

While flying with three L-29 jets and performing turns over the airfield, the planes came together into a single formation. To get inside, visitors lined up in a long queue. Now, thousands of networks pages are full of pictures of the aircraft. On the second day of the festival, it returned to its base location.

Aerobatics flying of L-39 training jet of Chuhuiv, the Kharkiv region, held visitors’ breath.For the first time, gliders have performed at the festival. Oleh Mikhailenko has been engaged in this sport for over 40 years. He said that gliding in Ukraine is gradually developing. “The biggest difference between flying a glider and flying a plane is that there are no two identical flights because the weather is completely different,” the sportsmen declared.

Yurii Yakovlev, the aviation designer, demonstrated the Aeropract-40, the newest twin-engine airplane with Rotax engine. He constructed his first plane using a magazine photo. “It was not in use for a long time and literally became parts of the plane. I managed to deliver these parts from Russia in 2015. For four years, we have worked on restoring it and now it is equipped with an electric engine,” Yurii said.

Overseas guests were warmly welcomed in Kharkiv. Pilots Aivars Leitas and Ingemars Butkevich arrived in Ukraine from Latvia on a Tarragon light multipurpose aircraft. Aivars performed a solo flight with a 360-degree turn, went in the opposite direction and a flight in a circle. Lightweight Tarragon accelerates to 370 kilometers per hour, can easily cover the distance not only between different cities but also regions.“I think, the most important highlight of this aircraft is that it is very close in quality and control to a combat aircraft. One pilot can sit in front, the second one behind, the helm is installed in the middle. It is very well piloted. Ukraine is a very beautiful country, very friendly. That’s why we often come here,” Ingemars Butkevich said.

There was a lot to see not only in the sky but also on the ground. The superlight aircraft with the AeroPrakt-8 E Quickie electric engine and the only in Ukraine RC-3 Seabee amphibian aircraft which is more than 70 years old, were shown at the exhibition. The aircraft, which can land on the water, is also called “sea bee,” had been brought from the USA just a few days before the event.The festival program satisfied various tastes and ages. Lovers of history could visit Retro Area with vintage and rare cars and motorcycles, see the reconstruction of World War II locations and wear themed costumes. Those keen on modern innovations, could see the latest developments and take part in test-driving.

All sorts of masterclasses, Children’s town with quests, games and rides, animation and scientific experiments, food courts, fair with aviation souvenirs were available.

Eight visitors won plane rides and skydiving sessions.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo:, KharkivAviaFest,