News, 20/12/2019

Kharkivite Dies Heroically in Donbas

“On December 14, Serhii Mikhalchuk, 21-year-old junior sergeant, a serviceman of the 4th operational brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine, rapid reaction brigade, was killed as a result of shelling near the Svidlodarsk Burge. The young serviceman took the full force of the explosion covering his sworn brother with his body from the debris,” informs Rapid Reaction Brigade on its Facebook page.

“The perished hero is remembered in his brigade as a fearless soldier who, despite his young age, was able to take the fight back to the enemy and died in battle, like a true warrior. For heroism of Mikhalchuk, he will be presented with the high national state award posthumously,” the report says.

On December 17, Serhii’s sworn brothers said goodbye to the perished combatant in Novoluhanske village, the Donetsk region. The following day, Serhii Mikhalchuk who was born in Velyki Prokhody, Derhachi district, the Kharkiv region, was buried on the Alley of Heroes on the 18th cemetery in Kharkiv. Relatives, friends, battle-brothers and volunteers came to say goodbye to the hero. Serhii left behind his parents and brother.

“Our brother was only 21 but he was one of the handfuls of those who really cared about Ukraine. Our brother fought for every single Ukrainian citizen – for those who read reports from the front with trembling every morning, as well as for those who are ‘tired in the office.’ For those who are waiting at home and for those who ‘did not send us there.’ He fought for his long-suffering native land, like all his ancestors before, and did so not because of medals or fame, but simply because warriors do so. This is the fate chosen by the BEST of people, and no one will convince them that it was a wrong decision,” Khariton Starskiy, the National Guard of Ukraine officer wrote on his Facebook page recalling Serhii.

Serhii Mikhalchuk was the first combatant to be killed after Normandy Four Summit that took place in Paris on December 9. One of the points of the agreement reached was a full ceasefire implemented by the end of the year.

According to Joint Forces Operation’s report, on December 14, the armed forces of the Russian Federation violated the ceasefire regime five times. The enemy was shelling our units with 82mm mortar prohibited by Minsk agreements, grenade launchers and machine guns of large caliber. The firing activity of enemy snipers was also recorded.

This way, the Russian Federation continues to ignore its commitment to a permanent ceasefire in accordance with the outcome of the communique at the Normandy Four Summit in France.

Source: Social Nets

Photo:, Igor Isaenko