News Society, 09/11/2017

Kharkivite Gets Silver at Draughts World Championship

Yulia Makarenkova won silver at the Draughts-64 World Championship for men and women that took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia, at the end of October. Representatives of 45 countries, including Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Jamaica and others took part in the event.

Yulia won the only medal for Ukraine in rapid draughts after successfully making it to the final but subsequently lost 0-2 in the championship title match to her rival from Moldova, Elena Skovytina.

“In the classic and blitz games, Yulia has secured fourth and sixth places. Zhanna Sarshaeva from Russian became the world champion in the classic game. Elena Skovitina from Moldova won the champion’s title in blitz game format,” the Department of Youth and Sports of Kharkiv Regional State Administration reported.

Earlier, Kharkivities won medals at the Draughts-100 Ukrainian Cup.

Kharkiv region team won two gold, one silver and one bronze medals at the tournament. Yulia Makarenkova won gold in the classic draughts in women’s competitions.

Also, Kharkivite Yuriy Anikeev won a silver medal in individual competitions at 2017 World Draughts Championship blitz.

According to the Department of Youth and Sports of Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Ukrainian team got two gold and three silver medals at this championship.

Reference: World Draughts-64 Championship 2017 among men and women took place in St. Petersburg, Russia, on October 19-29.  men and women had separate competitions in three tournament programs: blitz, rapid and classic.

Text: Natalia Ivanova