News Society, 13/01/2020

Kharkivite Helps Rescued Australian Animals

People worldwide were shocked by terrifying fires which started in Australia in fall 2019 and caused death of dozens of people and lots of unique marsupials and wildlife as well as flora and fauna. People living on the other side of the world decided to provide all possible assistance they could. Kharkiv resident Yulia Ivanenko is one of those people.

The craftswoman sews blankets and bags for the affected animals. It will make it easier for volunteers across the ocean to treat and rehabilitate them after they got burnt. Together with a few like-minded people, she made dozens of protective items for possums, marsupials and other Australian fauna.

According to Yulia, she found out in social networks that Australian states suffering from bushfires need help from local communities.

“I decided to help as much as possible. Moreover, I have a lot of fabric to make the necessary items and some free time. I posted on Facebook that I was looking for people who are ready to help and a few of my acquaintances-craftswomen joined me,” the Kharkivite recalls.

Liana Yarova took part in making birds’ nests, bags and blankets. Hanna Ivanenko and Olha Shurupova brought natural fabrics for sewing bags for baby kangaroos.

“Thousands of baby kangaroos lost their mothers. Animals are scared, many are injured, they were removed from their usual habitat. Australian volunteers take care of them as if they were their own kids. Baby kangaroos are used to being in their mother’s pouch, they cannot sit on a mattress or anywhere else. That’s why they need bags,” says Yulia.

Everyone who is ready to join Yulia’s initiative can find a list of required items and patterns on her Facebook page.

The first two parcels to Australia a total weight of 3 kilos were sent on January 10. Shipping was quite expensive but the volunteers aren’t going to stop sending aid. This week, they are posting parcels with bags for baby kangaroos.

“I contacted the Australian aid group’s administrators. They informed that thousands of such items are needed, and each of them is very important. Despite the fact that delivery will take about a month, administrators claim ‘this is not a sprint, but a marathon. It will take a lot of time for animals’ treatment and rehabilitation.’ I am very glad that there are concerned people willing to support me,” Yulia Ivanenko says.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Yulia Ivanenko’s Facebook page