Business News Science, 05/01/2018

Kharkivite Invents Fast-Charging Battery for Electric Cars

Kharkiv engineer Oleksander Tsykhmystro has produced and patented a prototype model of a battery for electric vehicles, which charges in just 20 minutes.

The 44-year-old inventor has worked on the battery for the last three years. The idea was eventually implemented in April 2017 and the engineer applied to patent his device soon after. Today, the pilot model has been patented after thorough testing. By January 15, the inventor expects to get the second patent for his invention.

Tsykhmystro says that the battery capacity is 24 kilowatts. It consists of 12 units, one unit includes 152 elements. Each unit weighs about 12-15 kilograms, but in case of mass-production, it will not weigh more than 10 kilograms.

“The main advantage of the battery is its fast charging – it accumulates an 80 percent charge within 12 minutes and it’s fully charged in 20 minutes, which is much faster, comparing to 75 minutes, needed for the full charge of a Tesla battery,” says the inventor.

He adds that his model is two times cheaper than foreign counterparts. However, a $ 2-3 million investment is needed to launch its production.

Currently, Kharkivite is getting inquiries from Chinese and European companies, which became interested in his invention, their representatives are going to visit him to test the battery.

The engineer is planning to make more batteries himself and to equip an electric vehicle this spring, for which he needs 12 elements – two of them are already available.


Text: Olena Sokolynska