News, 17/02/2018

Kharkivite who Betrayed Ukraine Killed in Syria

“Kharkivite Volodymyr Vynohradenko, a member of anti-Maidan, was killed in Syria during the defeat of Russian private military unit Wagner,” reports one of the Ukrainian channels.

Under the assumptions of Russian and foreign media, as a result of the United States Air Force air strikes, from 42 to 200 combatants, including a number of Russian mercenaries, were killed in Syria on February 7.

Head of pro-Russian “Rus Triyedinaya” organization Sergei Moiseev informed about the Kharkivite’s death, nicknamed Apostle, on his Facebook page.

According to journalists, Volodymyr Vynohradenko was not only a member of “Rus Triyedinaya” organization but also actively participated in anti-Maidan activities. After the pro-Russians’ defeat in Kharkiv, he fled to the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic. According to the separatists, Apostle fought against Ukraine as a machine gunner.

Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photo: Newsroom