News Society, 24/11/2017

Kharkivite Wins Medals at Seventh World Kungfu Championships

Kharkivite Bohdan Yudin won two medals at the Seventh World Kungfu Championships. The sporting event was taking place in Chengdu, Sichuan, China on November 7–11.

The athlete took the gold medal in Bajiquan category on November 9. Yudin beat Aspen Shen from the USA and Daniils Kirjusins from Latvia. Muhammad Rafid Aryokusumo from Indonesia became a bronze medalist.

On November 11, Bohdan won silver in Pudao category just losing to Brazilian Miguel de Oliveira Manacero after beating Carlin Glansbeek from South Africa.

According to the Department of Youth and Sports of Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Kharkivite took part in such high-scale competition for the first time but stepped up to win. He used techniques of Chinese three-time champion Li Jiang Wen, and this turned out to be successful.

Notably, only the Chinese referees arbitrated World Championship, so one can consider their judgments to be fair.

The athlete trains with Merited Coach of Ukraine Ihor Aristov. Bohdan Yudin competed as a full member of the Ukrainian National team. In December, Bohdan will take part in Wushu Cup of Ukraine within the Kharkiv region team in Lviv.

Reference: More than 3,800 kung fu masters from all over the world went to China to take part in the Championship. Two thousand and four hundred athletes from China and Hong Kong, as well as 1,400 athletes from 57 countries, including the USA, Japan, Ukraine, Russia, and Canada, participated in the event.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Wushu Kharkiv Federation