News, 10/12/2018

Kharkivites Bring Prodigal Pelican Home

On December 8, on the parking lot near Dafi shopping mall, policemen captured a pelican, who was traveling around the city for 10 days.

The bird escaped from Feldman Ecopark 10 days ago. The information surrounding the escape was published on the Animal Rescue Service volunteer group’s Facebook page. During this period, the pelican has been spotted in different locations.

On November 30, Facebook user Svitlana Vozniuk posted a video in Birdwatching Ukraine group showing the bird attacked by a murder of crows in Novi Doma (New Houses) area.

On December 7, residents still saw the pelican in the same district, but soon after that, it moved on to KhTZ area, where it was observed on Electrovazhmash plant’s territory.

According to Ecopark press-office, during the last two days, Dobriy Dom (Kind House) rescue team went out to various city districts several times to capture the bird, but it managed to fly away. For instance, in Olimpiyska Street, rescuers tried to lure the escapee with a fish and in Saltivka, they even used a net gun but all in vain.

Finally, the pelican was captured and examined by vets. “It wasn’t seriously injured, just had a hematoma on the wing which has already been cleaned up. After quarantine, the bird will join its own kind on the Swan Lake,” said the Ecopark’s employees.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Status Quo, Facebook