News Society, 25/11/2018

Kharkivites Commemorate Fifth Euromaidan Anniversary

On November 21, Kharkivites carried out a number of events to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Euromaidan, which is also known as Revolution of Dignity.

Traditionally, participants gathered near the Taras Shevchenko monument where several days before the start of the all-Ukrainian Euromaidan in Kyiv, Kharkiv had held its first meeting, which highlighted its European choice.

About 300 people, including representatives of local authorities and NGOs, volunteers, relatives of Heavenly Hundred’s compatriots, who were killed in Kyiv during the revolution and veterans of the war in the east took part in the event. They shared memories about those historical days, sang the anthem and drank hot tea just as they did during the revolution days.

Ukrainian patriots carried flags, flowers and candles. On the same spot, they were burning tires to create the installation which symbolizes the indomitable spirit of revolutionaries who overcame old regime and reminisced by reconstructing the Maidan atmosphere.

According to Yaryna Chahovets, a Kharkiv Euromaidan participant and volunteer, Maidan in Kharkiv started earlier than in Kyiv and ended later than anywhere else in the country. “It was our region that had to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine at the beginning of Russian military aggression.”

Notably, Kharkivites laid flowers on memorable plaques to honor Kharkiv heroes of the Heavenly Hundred: an alumnus of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics Yevhen Kotlyar and a graduate of Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport Vladislav Zubenko. Also, one more Kharkivite, carpenter Yurii Parashchuk, was killed during the revolution in Kyiv.

After the meeting, a symphony concert for all participants was organized by volunteers at Kharkiv Philharmonic Society, which included six classical compositions, such as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, “Zaporizhia March” by Lysenko and others.

The concert’s recordings will be played at the memorial to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, which will be opened in Kharkiv soon.

At the end of the event, an updated version of a documentary about three Kharkivites who were killed on Euromaidan was shown in the Philharmonic society.

Funds raised during the activities will be donated to military hospitals, where wounded in Donbas fighters are being treated.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Oleksii Kurtsev, Objectiv