Culture News Science Society, 30/01/2017

Kharkivites Contributed to Wikipedia at 48-Hour Marathon

28 – 29 January Wikipedia marathon took place in Kharkiv Korolenko State Scientific Library as part of the all-Ukrainian Wiki marathon 2017 dedicated to the 13th anniversary of the first article published in the online free encyclopedia in Ukrainian.

Also, the 16th anniversary of the English Wikipedia and the 9th anniversary of the Crimean Tatar version were celebrated.

“Several dozen Kharkivites took part in editing and creating new Wiki articles these two days,” says Serhii Petrov, head of Kharkiv Wiki community. “5 experienced Wikipedia editors helped the beginners editors, the youngest participant was an 11-year-old student and the eldest was a scientist of 75. 15 new articles in the field of history, mathematics, medicine, geography, and others were written and 3 were improved”.

According to Petrov, among the Ukrainian Wiki contributors there are 84 people who included ”Kharkiv” as the place of living for their profiles though there are those users who have not filled in their profiles so there might be more Kharkivites. Over 40 Kharkivites have actively written the Wiki articles for the 6 recent months.

Totally 677 085 articles in Ukrainian have been created since 2004 with about 199 articles written daily in average. Thus today Ukrainian Wiki occupies the 16th place among 292 other world languages’ sections.

The first campaign of mass writing articles in Ukrainian was held on 27 April 2014, it was dedicated to the memory of Ihor Kostenko, Wikipedia editor, who was shot on 20 February 2014 on Euromaidan in Kyiv.

On 14 January Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Hroisman signed the order to the central executive authorities of Ukraine to promote the development of the Ukrainian-language section of Wikipedia.

The volunteer editor and CEO “Wikimedia Ukraine” Ilya Korniyko says that this will allow to include Wiki editing into the curriculum in computer science, geography, history and literature for students in secondary schools and universities, to promote Ukrainian part of international competitions, to improve the quality of Ukrainian section of Wikipedia and implement at national level a number of international educational, tourist and cultural projects.


Pictures from the marathon by Vlasenko, CC BY-SA 4.0, p Wikimedia Commons and CC BY-SA 4.0, p Wikimedia Commons