Business News Science, 19/04/2017

Kharkivites Contributing to Aircraft Records

Kharkiv input into national aircraft building has been presented by recent achievements in manufacturing and educational field.

Thus Kharkiv machine-building plant FED contributed to the new world aviation record. On April 11, Antonov An-2-100 plane raised a record cargo, some of the plane components being manufactured in Kharkiv.

According to Serhii Tarasyuk, commander of the An-2-100 crew, the plane lifted a cargo of 3 200 kg to 2 000 meters of altitude in 8 minutes.

An-2-100 is the last modernized version of the well-known An-2 aircraft. Its engine is made by Motor Sich, and components and engine control systems are produced by FED.

It is worth reminding that a month ago a brand new Ukrainian-made aircraft An-132D  took off for the first time. Its control system units were manufactured in Kharkiv as well.

Also two students of National technical university “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” Margaryta Verhovets and Anton Hulyi have recently won the Aviator 2017 nationwide educational project. On June 20 they will go to the prestigious international air show at Le Bourget in France together with hundred best students.

Aviator 2017 was launched in October 2016 and lasted for six months. 6 500 students from forty four universities and colleges of Ukraine registered to take part in it. The contestants passed the tests on theory and history of aviation, developed their business plans and presented their investment projects.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: National technical university “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”