News Politics Society, 19/10/2017

Kharkivites Discuss Launching Anticorruption Court

Today October 19, an expert discussion on the Supreme Anticorruption court formation was held in Kharkiv.

The meeting was facilitated by the Ukrainian office of Transparency International, which is a network performing an anti-corruption activity, and the DEJURE Foundation. It was aiming at informing the local community and initiating the dialogue on the burning issue of the Anticorruption court.

The discussion attracted Kharkiv activists, journalists and judges who regarded how a new legal body should function, how the selection of judges should be carried out.

According to Maksym Kostetskyi, Legal Advisor of Transparency International Ukraine, joint efforts of journalists and activists can help clear the rest of the judicial system from rogue judges and to drive the reform.

“The pressure on the authorities should be performed from different directions to influence the officials. And the society is one of the important forces – together with the international organizations and people’s deputies – of this pressure. It is a complex process,” says Maksym Kostetskyi.

Another speaker Taras Shepel, a member of the Public Integrity Council and the co-founder of the DEJURE Foundation, noted that protest meetings in Kyiv these days are manifesting the high degree of people’s interest in forcing the Anticorruption court launch.

anticorruption court

“For a long period, there was no political will for introducing the Anticorruption court,” explain the organizers. “The bill voting was impeded in the Ukrainian Parliament during the whole year. However, since early October, when the Venice Commission delivered its conclusion on the Anticorruption court, President Poroshenko changed his mind and declared that he is going to prepare a new bill on the Anticorruption court for Verkhovna Rada and we hope that it might be adopted by the end of the year.”

One of the important outcomes of the Kharkiv meeting was that court representatives revealed an eagerness to take part in the dialogue.

The success of the reforming process depends to a great extent on the ability of the judicial system to work independently and effectively, believes Maksym Kostetskyi. He says: “This is our seventh discussion for two months in Ukraine and we can see that judges in Kharkiv understand the huge need of the society for the renovation and they are willing to get changed.”

Also, the organizers called to sign the petition to speed up the launch of the independent judicial institution.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Transparency International