News Society, 15/10/2017

Kharkivites Enjoy Motorsport Competitions

Two-day Extreme Enduro Challenge competitions took place in Kharkiv this weekend. About 50 participants from all over Ukraine competed for UAH 50,000 prize.

The first day started with obstacle course races in Maidan Svobody. This phase of a competition is called a prologue and is being arranged for the audience. In others words, this race is a showcase as well.

The organizers chose routes of various levels of difficulty — from simple (light) to difficult (hard) ones with a diverse terrain and obstacles.

On the second day, participants competed in cross-country races in the Extreme Enduro Park.

Everyone could take part in these competitions. The youngest motorcyclist was 12 years old, and the oldest was 55.

“Such enduro races have never been held in Ukraine. Therefore, Kharkiv became a pioneer in this field. It is a significant event. Our goal was to promote this kind of motorcycle racing among young athletes, to draw the public’s attention, to show this kind of sport is worth to go for,” the organizers noted.


Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photos: Kharkiv City Council