Business News, 05/09/2017

Kharkivites’ Flight Preferences in Summer and Predictions for the Winter Season

According to Kharkiv International airport’s website, the most popular destinations in August were Antalya, Istanbul, Kyiv, Warsaw and Tel Aviv.

Recall, in July, the number of flights to Warsaw increased from seven to nine per week, and to Tel Aviv from three to four. The analysis for August confirms that the increase in flight frequency was the right decision to satisfy passenger demand.

For example, the number of passengers traveling from Kharkiv to Warsaw in August this year increased to 87 percent compared to August 2016. Moreover, 54 percent more passengers flew to Tel Aviv over the same period.

Charter flights to Dalaman, Amman and Beirut, Monastir, Tivat, Thessaloniki and regular flights to Minsk and Kutaisi were also in demand in August.

In winter, the airport authorities expect that the most popular destination will traditionally be Sharm El Sheikh. Therefore, tickets and tours are already on sale.

Text: Natalia Ivanova