News Society, 19/09/2018

Kharkivites Join World Cleanup Day

On September 15, Toloka-Party Clean Rivers. Kharkiv was carried out as a part of the World Cleanup Day, Let’s Do It movement and International Coastal Cleanup Day.

During the campaign, volunteers cleaned up the area from the dam near Barabashovo market to the bridge over the Kharkiv river at the beginning of Moskovskyi Avenue. As a result, they cleared about 10 kilometres of coastal areas and near-coastal waters.

In spite of rain has been forecast, about 170 people joined the volunteer action. As organizers planned an inclusive event, everyone had a role.

Young children, two persons with special needs, Vitalii and Tetiana from the Flying House social project,  and even dogs joined the event.

The various sections were chosen for people taking into account their physical abilities. All comers got instructions and maps of the allocated area they were responsible for cleaning.

Kayakers picked up trash and plastic from the water and reed areas while cyclists and pedestrians cleaned near-coastal areas. On a clean-up trip, they picked and fished out plastic bottles, bowls and boxes, all sorts of clothes, huge tires and utensils.

Among the bizarre items retrieved on that day were driving license, a gold credit card, full Fanta, Coke, and beer plastic bottles, 30-cm Chinese-style frog and wall clock.

Garbage bags were delivered to seven specific pick-up points by the boats. Municipal services removed them by refuse trucks on September 17.

By the end of the campaign, volunteers managed to gather 64 cubic meters of trash. After the hard work, a few thank you events were held. Firstly, the volunteers were treated with 70 litres of porridge.

After that, the event’s stocktaking with the awarding of the most active volunteers with Clean River’s logo cups, provided by event’s co-organizer Vitalii Borysenko, the owner of Borika firm, took place. The prize for the most unusual finds went to the youngest participant, 4-year-old Nastya Orlova and her parents, who found full Fanta and Coke bottles, coconut and wall clock.

Open-air lectures on Cleanup Rivers and planet’s ecology were given by the member of the expedition to Antarctica and PhD in Biological Sciences Andrii Utevsky.

At the end of the event, BusiCama duet from Kharkiv and Agata Vilchyk, a musician and singer, participant of the 6th season of the Voice of the Country, gave a concert for the volunteers.

Toloka-Party Clean Rivers. Kharkiv was the fourth and final in this season’s cleanup campaign that took place in Kharkiv. City Kayaks active recreation club provided kayaks for all four events. For the last two campaigns, Three Forces of Nature and Eco-Tour tourist clubs assisted with provision of watercraft. The event’s co-organizer Vitalii Borysenko shared motorboats for the previous three occasions. For the latest campaign, Polymerkonteyner company provided with 60 bags with 1-1.5 cubic meter capacity.

Also, some volunteers, including Maksym, the head of the Podorozhnyk club, arrived at the event on own motor boats.

The organizers, Halyna Zhuchkova and Vitalii Borysenko, are going to arrange more Tolokas to continue Cleanup Rivers’ campaigns. They believe such events draw people’s attention to river pollution with the litter and change their attitude towards the environment.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Maks Odnorob, Clean Rivers, Borika