News Politics Society, 31/08/2017

Kharkivites Respond Ardently to the Activist’s Beating

Soon after the news on Dmytro Bulakh had been attacked, the storm of indignation rose in social networks in Kharkiv. Hundreds of people uttered their support to the 34-year-old deputy and demanded the police investigate the case as soon as possible.

The regional authorities officially stated that the investigation of the violent attack is controlled personally by the head of the Kharkiv region Yuliya Svitlychna. The official statement was issued by Transparency International which claimed that the Bulakh’s report on his investigations should have been delivered at the session of the Kharkiv Regional Council the next day after the attack.

Today at 10 a.m., the meeting to support Dmytro Bulakh was held on Maidan Svobody. About a hundred Kharkivites together with some members of Samopomich party, which Bulakh belongs to, gathered at the entrance to the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, where the session of the Regional Council was to be held. The protesters demanded the impartial and objective investigation of the attack on Dmytro Bulakh, and also called to stop the persecution of civic activists.

At the session of the Kharkiv Regional Council, member of Parliament from Samopomich party Yaroslav Markevich claimed that Dmytro Bulakh found false evidence regarding reports of repair work that had been held after the explosions in Balakliya. During his visit to Balakliya and analyzing the reporting documents, he found there was only one repaired roof instead of eight, as had been reported.

Also, Bulakh recalled that the deputies voted for quota issues for Ukrgazvydobuvannya Gas Production Company at the previous session. Dmytro claimed that the voting was doubtful and he was going to protest the regional council’s decision in the court.

“He wrote about this fact on his Facebook page three days ago, and yesterday he was attacked,” Yaroslav Markevich said.

Currently, Dmytro Bulakh feels better and communicates with his supporters on Facebook, promising them he will never give up.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: FB