Culture News Society, 03/05/2017

Kharkivites Seek for New Technology Media Startups

The first in Kharkiv Nasnaga Media Hackathon, which brought journalists, PR managers, civic activists, students, entrepreneurs and IT professionals together to create new technology media startups, took place at Studio Forty Two, the hub for social activities on April 28-30.

The organizers,  Gwara Media, chose Hakathon format. It is an event of any duration where people come together to solve problems. Initially, the organizers counted on 100 participants. In fact, 5 teams of 15 people were formed. This allowed mentors to interact more closely with everyone.

Hackathon co-organizer Serhii Prokopenko considers the main elements of the event success were communication with the participants before the hackathon and actions of mentors who played the key role.

The official opening of the two-day Nasnaga Media Hackathon was full of interesting lectures and speakers. Svitlana Kobozieva, PR manager at IDP Business Space, spoke about crowdfunding for media and PR features for technology initiatives. Independent consultant Vitalii Fish told about global media initiatives and brands.  

On the second day the participants started to work on the following project ideas: SuHaRi – platform for non-formal education; Nazhyvo – streaming video; Online radio; Sirentina – niche alternative media; Alive – sound hub.

Same day, partakers were inspired by mentors’ presentations on the development of niche and branded media products for business, VR/AR (virtual and augmented reality) for journalism and activism, and features of media brands.

Online radio, Sirentina and Alive – Sound Hub were the projects, which got to the final. The finalists presented the results of their two-day work and received souvenirs. In case of further successful development the project teams will have a chance to learn from the editors of modern media by job shadowing them.


Reported by Anastasia Mitrofanova

Pictures: Andrii Azarov