News Science Society, 25/09/2017

Kharkivites Show Interest in Energy Efficiency Issues

On September 21 the lecture and discussion on energy efficiency were held at local Sixth Corner club.

The lecture of Slovenian physicist Marko Pinteric, author of “Building Physics” book, was broadcasted live and facilitated by Maidan Monitoring Free University. Kharkiv experts, practitioners, and common people were really interested in the topic. The club hall was full of people.

Nataliya Zubar, Chair at Maidan Monitoring Information Center, stated she was impressed by the number of participants who were engaged in the scientific discussion in English without the need for translation, and who also asked the lecturer relevant questions demonstrating their involvement in the energy efficiency issues.

While the lecture was revealing the mechanisms of heat transfer through thermal bridges and the principals of a heat pump and a recuperator, the participants were interested in the practical way of introducing the presented methods and techniques in Kharkiv. Many questions were asked about the price of the re-equipment of the old buildings and applying the technologies in new housing.


“For me, the lecture was important as we are looking for the ways to make our 16-storey building energy efficient,” says one of the participants Tetyana Pushkash. “Also the people who are new to the topic got some essential information. The financial aspect of the energy efficiency building is vital for its implementation in Kharkiv.”

Dmytro Lavrynenko, the head of Satory company, who joined the lecture online, noted that Ukraine needs to introduce state programs to create incentives for energy efficiency improvement, like legislative incentives in the EU. He states the profits from energy saving should exceed the cost of re-equipment, and the domestic manufacture of insulation materials should make it profitable.

As a result of the lecture, some participants, for example, Hanna Churkina, learned for the first time about passive houses and opportunities to build them and got really excited.

For Kharkiv, it was the first experience of an international lecture of such high level and the prospect of practical implementation.

Nataliya Zubar is planning to translate Marko Pinteric’s book into Ukrainian – the author himself is endorsing the idea.



Text, photo: Olena Sokolynska