Business In Depth Society, 04/01/2019

Kharkivites’ Top Overseas Destinations to Spend Winter Holidays

During the winter holidays, more and more Kharkivites prefer traveling abroad. The destinations our citizens choose depend on their preferred culture or leisure interests and of course their disposable income. Some people look forward to beach vacations while some of them enjoy active pursuits and choose ski resorts.  

According to travel agencies, the most popular destination of Kharkiv residents is Egypt due to relatively low prices and warm climate. All inclusive system is an advantage of such resorts as vacationers do not have to spend money on meals. And nonstop flights to Egypt are operated from Kharkiv Airport.

“Among more exotic destinations are the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania and Mexico. This year, the tours to the Dominican Republic have gained in popularity,” travel agencies staff informs.

Kharkivites are a bit less interested in spending holidays in Thailand and Sri Lanka though. One-week tour for two in a 5-star hotel costs about $ 1,000.

Those people who prefer spending New Year’s holidays skiing in the mountains booked tickets to Slovakia. Zakopane ski resort in Poland is popular too. Austria, Italy and Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in France are always on-trend.

Turkey and Georgia are also at the top of holiday destinations. If holidaymakers book earlier, the cheapest tours to the Georgian village of Bakuriani costs about $1,300 per person.

Since November 25, direct flights to Vienna have been launched from Kharkiv on Wednesdays and Sundays, from just €32. According to the travel manager, Kharkiv residents are particularly interested in this destination during the holidays. They have booked tickets to the capital of Austria for the period from December 30 to January 6 beforehand. If they bought them in the second half of December, the price would have been €333 per person with no luggage included.

However, bus tours to Europe are even more popular than flights, because such travel is cheaper and one can see cities during the trip.

According to the manager, the pricing policy of winter vacation also remains mixed. The tours were much cheaper for those who booked them in October and November.

“People booked early bird tickets to Zanzibar for $700 per person in the fall. Now they have to pay about $1,300. It is  similar with Mexico: in October the tickets were about $800, and now it isn’t easy to get them even for $1,500.”

During the winter holidays, hotels raise prices because of the influx of people.

Text: Natalia Ivanova