News Politics Society, 15/06/2017

Knockout: Nine Russians not Allowed to Kharkiv for Boxing Championship

On Wednesday, June 14, Kharkiv border guards prohibited nine Russian citizens from entering Ukraine at the border with Russia.

Nine people were in a group of 39 Russians coming on the Moscow-Kharkiv train to visit the European Men Boxing Championships.

The speaker of the State Border Service of Ukraine Oleh Slobodyan noted that among the group barred from entry there were supporters of the Russia boxing team, coaches, representatives of media and two journalists of Russian propaganda channel LifeNews.

Also one of the disrupters was a member of the Russian boxing team Georgy Kushitashvili from Buryatia who will now be substituted. Currently, Russian mass media are stating the boxer was intentionally prevented from taking part in the continental tournament.

During the interview, the border guards found that Russian citizens violated the order of visiting the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimea. Eight violators were additionally forbidden to enter the territory of Ukraine for three years.

All nine disrupters are to be deported back to Russia.

Reference: Since June 1 146 members of 14 teams have already come to Kharkiv for the Boxing Championship which takes place on June, 16-24  in Kharkiv Lokomotiv sports palace. This is one of the main qualifying tournaments, and the winners will go to the championship in Hamburg this autumn.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Oleh Slobodyan