Culture News Society, 12/04/2018

La Scala Chorus Singers to Perform in Kharkiv for Charity

On April 25, two members of the Milan opera La Scala chorus C. Lourdes Martinez, soprano, and Amor Lilia Perez Lopez, contralto, will perform at Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

This is the only charity concert in Ukraine, held during the DanteFest as a part of “The 4th Block” triennial on the eve of the Chornobyl disaster of 1986.

The anthropogenic tragedy issue influenced the choice of the Stabat Mater by Giovanni Batesta Pergolesi to be performed, accompanied by the chamber orchestra of Kharkiv National Opera Theatre, with Dmytro Morozov as a director. Mozart will also be played.

Part of the money, raised from the concert, will go to the needs of the Kharkiv center La Casa Volante Flying House, created by the NGO Emmaus. This is social adaptation project for adolescents with disabilities and orphans from boarding schools. It aims to help them to get out of the isolated space of those boarding schools to the real world. Currently, five girls with special needs live and study there.

The concert organizers claim that as soon as two La Scala chorus singers – C. Lourdes Martinez and  Amor Lilia Perez – found out about the charity opportunity, they arranged a break in their busy schedule and agreed to perform for free.

“This year’s topic of ‘The 4th Block’ is the women’s view: a call for action,” co-organizer of the triennial, designer Maria Norazyan explains. ”And the outstanding gesture of these singers’ emphasizes our thesis that the female view is predominantly active. Women thrive to do something, they call to help others and to introduce changes.”

DanteFest 2018 presents other exciting events, such as a children’s play “Cardboard stories,” presentation of Marina Ricci’s book “Govinda. The Gift of Mother Teresa,” telling about adoption, and a lecture of the Italian lyceum Oliver Twist’s founder, where children are taught different crafts.

Reference: The 10th International Triennial  “The 4th Block” and DanteFest are held from April 20-28 in various Kharkiv venues from Ermilov Centre, Karazin University, Opera House to new hubs and recently opened the School of Architecture.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: DanteFest