News Society, 15/09/2017

Large-Scale Training of Territorial Defense near Kharkiv

Military training of Kharkiv rifle battalion and Chuhuiv Territorial Defense unit is proceeding at Bashkyrivka testing ground near Kharkiv.

During the ten-days theoretical and practical training of territorial defense fighters, more than 750 volunteers from the Kharkiv region are improving their professional military skills within “weekend army.” Training includes enhancing tactical and engineering skills, military medicine, topography and live firing practices.

The training instructors are experienced combatants who took part in Anti-Terrorist Operation in Donbas. That’s why the training is as close as possible to real combat.

Although the military training has been conducted annually since 2014, such a large-scale exercise is observed for the first time.

Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Yulia Svitlychna pays exceptional attention to such events, which strengthen defense capability both of the region and the country. During 2016-2017, UAH 6 million ($250,000) were allocated from the regional budget for this purpose. As a result, the Kharkiv region is among the leaders in preparation of the territorial defense. “But the authorities and the Army should move further in this direction,” senior lieutenant-reservist Alexiy Maksimov states.

There are many managers of private companies, farmers and officials among the fighters. Member of Kharkiv District Council and a volunteer Artem Fysun has taken part in the training since 2015. According to him, it is important to remember, Kharkiv region borders Russia which continues aggression against Ukraine. In order to halt the invaders, Ukrainians must be able to defend own land. So, everyone who wants to stand up for defense can join the military drill.

The practicing for the territorial defense fighters will last until September 17. Those wishing to join the military training are invited to contact the enlistment office at the place of their residence and register for the next exercises.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Artem Fysun