Business News, 06/10/2017

Largest Agro-Industrial Forum Starts in Kharkiv

“On October 5–7, a large-scale agro-industrial exhibition and forum Agroport East Kharkiv 2017 is taking place in the city,” the Regional State Administration press service reported.

The event traditionally is carried out on the territory of Kharkiv airport where the staff has equipped an aviation hangar and a station square for holding it.

This year, about 10,000 participants, 200 agribusinesses, 30 representatives of international financial organizations and six business delegations from the eastern regions of Ukraine have joined the event.  An exhibition, a business forum, a scientifically-practical conference, Field Day, and a presentation of agricultural machinery are taking place within the framework of the event.

The event’s main slogan is “We will change the future of migration flows. Let’s invest in food security and rural development.”

Experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the heads of the Ukrainian eastern regions as well as large and small agricultural manufacturers are going to discuss the problems of reorientation of domestic agriculture to new markets and the prospects for safe logistics. They will also talk about issues regarding labor migration and food security related to the adaptation of agriculture to climate change.

The award ceremony for the industry leaders of the Kharkiv region took place yesterday. “This year, investments in the region’s agricultural sector amounted to about $2 billion, hence the growth of agricultural gross product by more than 1.4% and crop production by 4%,” Deputy Governor Mark Becker noted during the ceremony (However, Kharkiv Observer cannot confirm independently the volume of  investments in the region’s agricultural sector, – editor’s note).

“One of the forum’s main tasks is to present the region as a powerful agro-industrial hub to prospective partners. In addition, the organizers expect that the participants will be able to reach real agreements and sign mutually beneficial contracts,” Kharkiv Governor Yulia Svitlychna reported.

Reference: Agroport is an annual event aimed to support farmers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe. It is sponsored by Food and Agricultural Organization and included in the UN calendar. Kharkiv and Lviv international airports were the venues for the event since its foundation in 2015.


Text: Natalia Ivanova