Culture News Society, 01/11/2019

Last Century’s Retro Vehicles on Show at Kharkiv Main Square

On October 27, the retro car exhibition took place at Maidan Svobody (Freedom Square). The event regularly occurs over 20 years on the occasion of Motorist Day.

This time, participants started from Maidan Konstytutsii, then they drove along Sumska Street to Maidan Svobody. According to the event’s organizer Oleksandr Osetrov, about 80 different models of transport – from children’s pedal horses dated 1950s to premium class cars were presented at the exhibition.

Ihor Lischenko displays his Ford A. This model was produced 90 years ago and it’s a part of a private collection now. “This car’s wheels are on spokes. Moreover, the spokes are not regulated, and they are welded to the disk-like in bicycles and motorcycles,” says Lischenko.

Soviet Zaporozhets, sport and military cars, including motorcycles from World War II, were among the exhibits. “For the first time after a long absence, home-made cars and motorcycles presented by Vichniy Poshuk (English: Perpetual Search) club of Valerii Taranukha were presented at the event. Along with novelties, movie cars and road heroes of the last century were traditionally shown,” the organizers noted.

An analog of the American Willys Jeep, which was made in 1943, Dmytro Torbin and his friends have been reconstructing for seven years. This car was found in Derhachi, the Kharkiv region. “Since I graduated from the institute 36 years ago, I was urged to restore cars. I know everything about this car. All details from lanterns, front position lamps, tarpaulin and seats are original here. It took me a long time to find the parts and make sure that 90 percent of them had the Ford factory logo. This is the only such car in the Kharkiv region,” Torbin says.

“We organize such events for the younger generation. So that they do not forget the history, and we will try to restore that history,” admits Osetrov.

According to the organizers, drivers from Sumy, Dnipro, Berdyansk and Kyiv took part in the exhibition.

Text: Natalia Ivanova