Culture News, 22/12/2017

Let’s Go, Elina! Fan Supports Tennis Star with a Song

Ukrainian producer and tennis fan Ruslan Leshchenko wrote an inspiring song “Let’s Play and Win” for the Ukrainian number one tennis player Kharkivite Elina Svitolina, presenting the music video on December 19.

The song is recorded in English and Russian and encourages Svitolina to keep winning and to glorify Ukraine all over the world with her victories.

Olympic champion in rowing Anastasiia Kozhenkova, footballer Volodymyr Yezersky, wakeboarder Dmytro Massalov and other well-known Ukrainian athletes took part in filming the video for the song.

“I really wanted as many people as possible to hear about Elina Svitolina,” says Leshchenko. “I thank the athletes who liked the idea and were filmed in the video. They clearly show that all the athletes support each other,” he added.

The authors also have launched flash mob for all tennis fans, who can present their 5-second videos to support Svitolina, and contribute to a new music video for the champion.

Reference: 23-year-old Kharkivite Elina Svitolina set an absolute national record among both men and women by having won nine WTA titles, including five won in the current season, three of which are Premier 5 series tournaments, Dubai, Rome, Toronto, and two more are WTA International tournaments, Taipei and Istanbul. She completed the season in the top 10 world ranking.


Text: Olen Sokolynska

Photo: Ukrainian Tennis Federation