Culture News, 18/10/2017

Literary Museum Announces Big Renovation

Kharkiv Literary Museum presented the 3-D draft project of its reconstruction.

Last week, the museum staff together with the project’s author, famous Kharkiv Architect Oleh Drozdov, and community representatives jointly discussed the building renovation.

Everyone was welcome to express an opinion on the principles of the future museum’s work, its accessibility, openness, friendliness and infrastructure for visitors including people with disabilities and the interaction of the new structure with the architectural space.

“How should museums of the 21st century look like to meet contemporary requirements? Is it a place to preserve the past, an educational center, an entertainment facility, a platform for public dialogue? Let’s think about it together,” head of museum’s research department Tetiana Pylypchuk reflected.

“When the decision to create a literary museum was supported in Kharkiv in 1988, we chose the most suitable building for this. For a long time, we have been working in this building quite successfully. Although, it has never been properly maintained for 29 years,” noted museum’s director Iryna Hryhorenko.

According to Kharkiv tour guide and activist Victoria Sklyarova, who attended the event, the most advanced energy-saving technologies will be used during the building’s reconstruction. The museum’s exposition will be located on the first store, the staff accommodation will be on the second and museum vault – on the third. The presentation room for 220 seats is also planned inside the building. What is more, the museum will have entrances are adapted for visitors with disabilities.

The facade of the building will remain the same. Even inner walls’ bricks which are going to be dismantled will be used for the construction of the internal space.

The museum is unique as it contains priceless exhibits of Ukrainian Executed Renaissance of the 1920-1930s.

The project was designed by Drozdov and Partners architectural bureau.

The funds for reconstruction have not been allocated yet. It’s expected to be co-financing: the funds will be assigned from the local budget as well as sponsors.

The museum will be under reconstruction for about 2,5 years, but it is going to undertake outreach events such as traveling exhibitions.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Kharkiv Literary Museum