Business Culture News, 29/12/2017

Living Statues and Fanciful Dolls at Art and Market Festival

Today is the final day for the artists’ registering to take part in the Fourth Street Art Festival, which opens on January 5, 2018, in one of the Kharkiv biggest shopping malls, Dafi.

This event, which shows living statues, mimes, magicians, jugglers, puppeteers and representatives of other art forms, is an all-Ukrainian festival. However, some known artists from Minsk, Belarus, also take part in the fest, expanding it internationally. Both individual performers and art troupes are involved.

The street art masters will entertain Kharkiv audience throughout January and will be assessed by the expert jury, which includes the last year’s winner Oleksander Mefisto. Later, the festival is moving to Dnipro for February, where the winners will be announced and awarded on March 11.

The opening of the Festival is held as a spectacular ceremonial parade-alley in the shopping center, which is a traditional part already. After that, the performers will come to their locations and the brightly-colored shows will start to be held for four weeks – all the weekends until January 28.

living statues

The organizers believe that this festival carries on the ancient tradition of street performances at fairs and squares. From the very beginning, the festival has been a particular form of art marketing, having chosen a shopping mall as a stage. “The viewers there can become customers and the customers become viewers,” say the organizers. The viewers also can reward the artists with hat donations and may vote for them on the website.

living statues2

Reference: All-Ukrainian Festival of Street Art was launched in 2014 as a competition of living statues and soon combined different genres of street art. Since 2017, two categories – of dynamic and static genres – were awarded.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Dafi