News Science Society, 11/03/2017

Makers Tackle Social Problems of the City

The meeting, initiated by the Garage hub and dedicated to social problems and issues, which might have engineering and technical solutions, took place in the social activity space “Studio 42” on March 10.

Kharkiv has an internal image of a city with significant scientific and technical potential. This perception rests on the notion of high concentration of universities and R&D institutes in the city. Nevertheless, one can hardly feel this technical proficiency in the ordinary lives of Kharkivites.  Garage hub addresses this issue by asking what teasing urban social problems can be solved with creative engineering thought.

Yesterday meeting was the first step in this direction. Organizers invited public organizations and individual activists to the brainstorm. During the discussion, such problems of Kharkiv as mobile security in the city, energy and water saving were pointed out. Also, issues of inclusion have attracted the attention of the participants. There were discussed the problems in schools as well: safety, space optimization, etc.

These issues are stocked for the future makathon (the synthesis of the making and marathon – KhO), expected from March 31 to April 2.

The enthusiasts from Garage Hub organized this meeting. Garage hub is an open educational platform for the interaction of engineers, technicians, and specialists from different areas of technology. It is also an open workshop with modern equipment.

Garage hub’s projects are carried out with the support of the USAID’s Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI).


Reported: Anastasiya Mitrofanova

Pictures:, Sergii Zhukovsky