News Science Society, 27/01/2017

Memorial Plaque to ATO Soldiers in Karazin University

Today the memorial plaque for students and graduates, who sacrificed their lives defending Ukraine during the anti-terrorist operation on Donbas in 2014–2016, was opened in Karazin Kharkiv National University.

A plaque is installed on the 2nd floor of the central building.

Four fighters have been commemorated, among them there are two students of historical faculty, 20-year-old volunteer soldier Svyatoslav Horbenko and 24-year-old National Guard soldier Eduard Ushakov, and two graduates, 30-year-old police officer Vladyslav Kovaliov, who graduated from Medical School, and 24-year-old Myroslav Mysla, from History School who was the assault platoon commander of “Carpathian Sich” company.

Svyatoslav Horbenko died in October 2014 while protecting the Donetsk airport, Eduard Ushakov and Vladyslav Kovaliov were killed in August 2014 near Ilovaisk. Myroslav Mysla was killed during shelling in Luhansk on 2 October 2016.

Rector of Karazin University Vil Bakirov said that the students gave their lives for the freedom and integrity of Ukraine.

“The lost lives of these young men are the price of our peaceful life. We live in a peaceful city and we can walk with our children safely, and our students have died,” said Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics Dmitry Manhushev, who is the ATO veteran.


Picture of Memorial March for Myroslav Mysla in Kharkiv.