Business News, 10/02/2018

Middle East’s Top Airline Might Launch Flights from Kharkiv to Asia

“A leading Arab airline might launch its flights to Asia from regional Ukrainian airports, including Kharkiv,” minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan noted at the press conference.

According to him, negotiations with one of the Arab top carriers are underway and the officials hope to achieve commercial agreements.

“If this airline operates flights from Lviv to Asia and from Kharkiv to Asia, then we will see many Poles who come to Lviv because it is nearby and it will be cheaper to get to Asia. We will also see Belarusians, who will fly to Kharkiv,” the minister said.

He added that the carrier is still researching the market. Though the minister did not specify the name of the company, the experts believe that it is the Qatar Airways. It is planning to expand its flight network in Ukraine. As a result, there might emerge a new hub for Ukrainians and Asian residents, who will fly to Ukraine via Qatar’s capital Doha.

Text: Iryna Klymenko