Culture News, 29/03/2021

Military and Patriotic Posters Displayed in Kharkiv University

Last week, the “Volunteers: Good and (+) Freedom” exhibition was opened in Kharkiv. Mykyta Titov displayed 40 works at the exposition which is dedicated to the Ukrainian Volunteer Day, that is marked on March 14 and the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence.  

“When the first people started dying in Maidan, I felt a strong need to show the world my attitude to the criminal authorities,” recalls the painter. “And when the war came to my homeland, my artistic potential became even stronger and broke free. I try to show how war turns everything bright and colorful into a terrible reality. And we need to keep that in mind every day so that we can win faster,” he states.

The poster artist has created about a hundred of different works. And most of them are somehow related to the theme of war. Mykyta Titov exhibited his best works in Kyiv and Zaporizhia. In his hometown Kharkiv, he often displays posters on the eve of significant for Ukrainians dates.

Among the posters on view are works about the Revolution of Dignity, key events of the war in the east, the fight against the coronavirus. The author shows the heroic images of a volunteer, an intelligence officer or just a Ukrainian patriot. A number of posters also ridicule Moscow’s imperial aspirations to seize our state or impose its values.

The exhibition will be held until the end of March in the hall of the Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, 40 Sumska Str, the 3rd floor.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Inform agency of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine