News, 02/02/2018

Military Field Exercise Explores Warfare in Kharkiv Region

Ukrainian military of the 92nd separate mechanized brigade carried out large-scale field training this week.

“The snowy and windy winter weather, experienced in the region these days, provided extreme conditions for exploring the warfare and testing combat strategies,” say representatives of the Military Division of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. These provided conditions for field training were similar to real combat operations and it made the war game more realistic and effective.

The servicemen performed live-fire exercises with assault rifles, grenades, machine guns at different areas of the landfill site. The military also improved their skills of dealing with enemy mines, conducting tactical exercises and evacuating the wounded from the battlefield.

During the military operations training, the combatants were shooting targets ranging from modern armored personnel carriers such as BTR-4E and tested the practical capabilities of armored vehicles in extreme conditions. According to the media center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in Kharkiv, the next military exercise has already been planned. The soldiers of the 92nd brigade are going to carry out tactical operations in the inhabited area.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Kharkiv Regional State Administration