News Science Society, 07/11/2017

Mini Maker Faire in Kharkiv

On November 4 the Kharkiv Mini Maker Faire, an event for makers, engineers, and designers, whose hobby or professional activity is to create own unique products, took place in the Mechanics Art Plant. 

The guests had an opportunity to observe several technological processes of making things, and even children could try themselves in glass-blowing, wood carving, soldering, drawing and modeling different items.

Being already a second fair in Kharkiv, it has essentially grown in popularity and attracted over 50 participants as well as 1,500 visitors, which is twice more than in the previous year. The first Ukrainian Mini Maker Faire took place in Kyiv in 2015; it was also held in Odesa and Lviv.

“We aim to unite people, who make their own creative and unusual things. It is a festival of ideas for professionals and hobbyists, the idea of which arose during our visit to San Francisco,”  stated the event project manager Svitlana Bovkun.

She also added that such fairs are of great importance for Ukraine, as there are many creative and talented people, having no idea, that their products can really catch public interest. The culture of Maker Fairs came to Ukraine from the USA. Flagship Maker Fairs are held in San Mateo, California, Detroit and New York City; the latter one is also known as the World Maker Faire.

The concept of the event was created by Make magazine to celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself mindset. Today such fairs are being held all over the world, promoting the maker’s culture,  inspiring them to join forces, share ideas and introduce people to the world of technologies and their application in everyday life.

Text and photo: Marina Kosenko