Culture News Society, 18/05/2019

Multicolored Vyshyvanka Parade in Kharkiv

On May 16, Kharkivites and city guests marched along the main street wearing national embroidered clothes to join the celebration of the International Day of Vyshyvanka, the Ukrainian national costume.

The parade gathered at Maidan Konstytutsii and marched along Sumska Street to the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Approximately 1,500 people took part in the event. The march was led by women holding embroidered towels with symbols of the Kharkiv region.

Whereas some participants carried the Ukrainian national flag with yellow and blue colors, others were holding the Ukrainian Insurgent Army’s flag colored in red and black. Other symbols could be spotted as well, like those of public organizations such as Volunteers’ and Joint Forces Operation veterans’ societies. Also, families with very young children joined the march, looking especially touching in national clothes, and the event was accompanied by the singing of patriotic songs.

This year, the organizers called the event “Triple Vyshivankova extravaganza” as it consists of three parts – a march, a concert and a sweet gift.

At the site in front of the Opera and Ballet Theatre, the open-air concert was held for all comers. People were also treated with a 2-meter cake, which was vyshyvanka shaped and decorated with symbols and ornaments inherent to various diasporas living in Kharkiv. Then participants proceeded to Maidan Svobody where they stopped near “All for the Victory” volunteers’ tent and expressed their support to the activists.

Reference: The World Vyshyvanka Day was started in 2006 by Lesya Voronyuk, a student of Chernivtsi National University. Initially, embroidered clothes were worn by dozens of students and several faculty members. During the following years, the holiday turned into the all-Ukrainian Day and became international while the Ukrainian diaspora together with supporters of Ukraine around the world joined the celebration.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo:,, E. Maslov, Leonid Lohvinenko, Iryna Almazova