News Politics, 30/05/2018

‘Murder’ of Anti-Kremlin Journalist Turns Out to be SBU Operation

In the evening, May 29, the news broke out that a famous journalist, writer and volunteer Arkady Babchenko, 41, the citizen of Russia and fearless Putin’s regime critic, had been shot in Kyiv at his home doorstep.

The news stirred sorrow and indignation among Kharkivites. However, today at the press conference of the Security Service of Ukraine, at about 5 p.m., it was announced that Babchenko is alive and the realistic scene was staged to prevent his attempted murder.

According to SBU head Vasyl Hrytsak, Babchenko’s assassination was ordered by the Russian intelligence services and had been planned for about three months.

Security services of the Russian Federation recruited a citizen of Ukraine, whose task was to find an ATO veteran to murder Babchenko. Russian side transferred $40,000 for the operation – $30,000 to the killer and $10,000 to the organizer. As a deposit, the hired killer received $15,000.

Currently, the SBU officials report that the organizer of the assassination is detained. 

Reference: Arkady Babchenko is a blogger and an anchorman at Ukrainian ATR TV channel, who has ardently criticized the Russian authorities and Putin’s aggression to Ukraine. He is also a war reporter, who broadcasts the outrageous crimes of Russia on Donbas. Babchenko moved from Russia to Prague in February 2017 and later to Kyiv because he “did not feel safe” in his home country.