Culture News, 04/08/2017

Musicians from Front-Line Towns Join Izium Festival

“The Road to the East” open-air festival organizers published the complete concert program, the suburban buses timetable, the accommodation information and garbage collection peculiarity of the event.

It is exciting to find out that not only bands from the Kharkiv region are going to perform but also the musicians from Sloviansk, Volnovakha, and Svatove of Donbas have joined the concert program. The names of the rock and ethnic bands which will play together with Zhadan, Andrukhovych and Tartak are Smolova Gallery, Zahrayyarochka, and Izobarra Tor.

The garbage at the festival also will be collected unusually. The activists are bringing mobile garbage collection stations to collect plastic bags, glass, aluminum and plastic bottles, paper and paperboard waste within Shelter the Package project launched two months ago by Kharkiv Zero Waste civic movement.

The event is supposed to highlight Izium on Ukraine’s tourist map. This area is called the land of Cossack Baroque, Polovtsian stone women, picturesque forests and chalky mountains. Starting from August 18–19 it can become one the modern festival movement’s centers, says one of the fest initiators, Serhiy Zhadan.

Note: The first “Road to the East” festival took place on March 25–27, 2016, in Novopskov, Svatove, Starobilsk, Luhansk region.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo of Zhadan at a volunteer informal concert with paratroopers: Yuriy Pavlenko