Business News Science, 19/12/2017

New Bot Finds Cheap Bus Tours

On December 18, Kharkiv developer Vladyslav Sirinek officially launched his new service Bussy_bot for searching affordable bus tickets in Ukraine and Europe.

Today the developer is starting a campaign on Product Hunt for the EU.

The Telegram bot helps to travel by bus on a tight budget by finding the cheapest tickets on 3199 routes from 214 carriers including the largest European companies such as Eurolines, FlixBus, RegioJet, and Ecolines.

“Bussy” appears as a cat, which communicates by purring and meowing both in English and Ukrainian. It also uses catlike emoticons.

To use the service, you need to enter the point of departure, destination and travel dates, after that a list of options appears on the screen within a few seconds. The bot allows buying the ticket by clicking on the booking page link.

Public testing of the bot started at the end of last week. The developer engaged more than 100 users on the first day and some flattering feedback.

“I think the cat’s branding is catchy for the users,” says the developer.

bus bot

In the future, Vladyslav Sirinek is going to make the “cat” smarter and to add more functions taking into account the users’ feedback and wishes.

Also, the developer is planning to make paying for the tickets simpler. Instead of payment through redirection to the system it will be available directly on Telegram.


Text: Olena Sokolynska