News Society, 23/10/2017

New Diagnostic Equipment for Kharkiv Children’s Hospital

According to the Kharkiv Regional State Administration press service, Kharkiv Children’s Hospital for Infectious Diseases received new diagnostic equipment following receipt from the charitable donations.

A modern automatic hematology analyzer will enable 80 tests per hour. This quantity used to take the entire working day.

Moreover, while the routine hematological clinical test studies blood by eight parameters, the new equipment covers 22, enabling doctors to make precise and timely diagnoses.

According to the head of the hospital’s diagnostic laboratory Larysa Holovakhina, the new modern analyzer is equipped with a color display, touchscreen controls and thermal printer.

The hospital was able to purchase the equipment thanks to the charitable donations.

“The initiative was implemented by Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Yulia Svitlychna who had the support of It’s Easy to Help Charitable Foundation,” Deputy Chair of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Mykhailo Chernyak informed on October 20 while giving the certificate for medical equipment to the hospital administration.

“Over the past two years, we have substantially increased funding for the healthcare sector from the regional budget, including this institution. Last year, we purchased an automatic biochemical analyzer for the hospital. Now, the renovation, funded by the regional budget, is being carried out,” he added.

According to Chernyak, this hospital is also on the list of institutions which renewal will be financed by the European Investment Bank.

“Negotiations on the draft with the Bank have reached the final stage, we hope, its implementation will start shortly,” noted the Deputy Chair.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Status Quo