Culture News, 23/12/2017

New Mural Completes Kharkiv Festival

Lviv artist Taras Arm Dovhaliuk presented a 13-meter-high mural, located on the building at 48 23rd Serpnia St, on December 21.

The picture, totaling 150 square meters, was created during the Mural Fest 2017 events, which has been held in Kharkiv since May for the first time.

The young artist has been engaged in graffiti and street art for more than 15 years. During the last five years, he has favored large-scale pictures on the front of buildings. Taras had already created the mural in Kharkiv at 2 Haharina Av. His works can also be seen all over Ukraine as well.

A new mural is a picture of a Nuthatch bird. The artist called his work Balance which means that each contemplator should find himself or herself, according to the author’s idea.

“Murals should make our city unique and bright. They should portray the city’s character which should show that it is unique. So, people coming here and taking pictures and selfies against the background of these houses could take a part of Kharkiv with them,” noted Victoria Hretska-Myrgorodska, head of the Investment Development and Image Projects Department, City Council.

This year, within the Kharkiv Mural Fest project, four murals have been created. Nuthatch in violet-pink colors became the final work of this year’s festival.

Next year, it is planned to create ten more murals, which will visually enhance the front of Kharkiv buildings. Artists from Italy and Germany are going to come to take part in the next season.

Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photo: Gorodskoy Dozor