Business News, 25/04/2018

New Plant to Produce Thousands of Tons of Asphalt Daily

On April 24, the most powerful in Ukraine asphalt and concrete plant was launched in Derhachi town, Kharkiv region. According to the plant’s official, 3,500 tons of asphalt is going to be produced per shift. Over 2.5 million was invested in the enterprise.

Ukravtodor, the State Agency of Motor Roads of Ukraine, informs that the plant in Derhachi is going to become a production base for repairing the roads in the region.

The plant is equipped with a modern laboratory to control incoming raw materials, as well as to monitor the quality of asphalt and concrete produced.

“The new production facility will allow repairing and construction of roads by using modern technologies and higher quality materials within tough deadlines,” says the head of the State Agency Slavomir Novak.

The Avtomahistral-Pivden company which launched the plant, states that about 1,000 new jobs will be created in the region due to the project.

The first newly produced asphalt will cover 80 km of Kharkiv-Okhtyrka state highway, as well as the most ruined sections of the Kyiv-Kharkiv and Kharkiv-Vovchansk routes. The works are planned to have been completed by the fall this year.

The news may sound really positive, taking into account that the highways are a sore issue for all Ukraine and the Kharkiv region in particular. This April, Radio Liberty called the condition of the Ukrainian roads “disastrous” pointing out that more than 90 percent of the roads are covered with potholes and have been ruined after winter. Non-transparent tenders for repairing works, ineffective control over the use of money and absence of engineering control over the repairs process are listed as the major reasons for the critical situation.

Reference: Total length of Ukrainian highways is about 169,5oo km, 165,800 km of them have hard surfacing. Ukravtodor is the State Agency, which is responsible for the highways’ condition.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Ukravtodor, Olena Sokolynka