News Science, 01/10/2017

New Technologies Light up Night of Science

Night of Science educational project dedicated to energy efficiency took place in Kharkiv yesterday. Six leading higher education institutions demonstrated their achievements and innovative discoveries in this field.

The project’s organizers prepared a range of educational activities, experiments, presentations, and competitions, in which both adults and children could participate free of charge.

At Beketov National University of Urban Economy, students introduced the university’s own solar power plant that supplies one of its buildings (with electricity).

There was also a show from the Laboratory of Mad Scientists where everyone could participate in the presentation of the efficient use of energy resources using Lego robots.

Students of Karazin National University demonstrated a model of a car with a cryogenic engine and alternative energy equipment (wireless transmission systems, laser sound transmission systems and other scientific innovations).

Zhukovskyi National Aerospace University representatives showed a solar-powered robot. A model of an energy efficient apartment was introduced at NTU “KhPI”. The event-goers could see hybrid and high-speed cars at National Automobile and Highway University.

At Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy, pupils tested their level of knowledge in the field of mathematics and physics.

“Kharkiv is actively implementing energy efficiency projects with the help of GIZ. The city government shows great success, creates the energy management’s structure. And this means that Kharkiv needs qualified personnel who optimize the city’s energy economy,” said project specialist at GIZ Svitlana Chebotariova.


Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photos: Kharkiv City Council