Business News, 21/09/2017

New Ukrainian Cryptoсurrency Stirs Kharkiv

The third international forum on cybersecurity HackIT will take place on September 23.

The event is expected to make a big stir in the professional IT community with sensational presenting a new platform for hackers and cryptocurrency named Hacken.

HackIT is the annual international forum on cybersecurity which is gathering developers and researchers, IT specialists and businessmen, foreign and domestic experts for the third time this year. It takes place in the Students Palace of National Law University.

More than 20 reports and workshops on e-commerce and finance, business, hacking, startup competition in the field of cybersecurity and rewarding the “battle of hackers” in the CTF (capture the flag) format with elements of cybersports are scheduled. Also, the participants will discuss the NotPetya malware recent attack.

Within the forum, the American entrepreneur and hacker Ryan Lackey, the founder of CryptoSeal startup, which became a part of Cloudflare in 2014, will deliver a lecture “Hack, create, sell, or how hackers can succeed in the business world.”


Another prominent forum event is the new Hacken cryptocurrency presentation. The platform with the same name offers the services of “white hackers” who “know how to protect their savings from the ‘colleagues’,” says the video.

The Hacken’s pre-sale has started on September 18. A total of 20 million hackens are to be issued only once and after the pre-sale, 700,000 will be offered openly since October 12 for a month.

“Hacken is a platform, an ecosystem for hackers and the companies which need their services,” explains the cryptocurrency creator Dmytro Budorin. “It will enable communication between the blockchain communities and the cybersecurity community, promote hacker ethics and encourage legitimate research on computer networks and software.”

Note: September 19, the Ukrainian Hacken company received a prize fund of 33 bitcoins equals 132,000 USD at the international conference on blockade and decentralization D10e.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: HackIT CTF 2017