News Society, 30/12/2017

New Year Miracle

In the fall, Uliana started to bake and sell “syrniki”  (fried cheese pancakes in English) on the social network to earn money for a trip to Santa’s homeland, Lapland. Today, the dream of a 6-year-old came true. 

Coming to the airport, Uliana and her mother Yulia Pimenova, a volunteer at Station Kharkiv, an NGO that has been assisting internally displaced persons since 2014, were sure they were delivering an order. Since the beginning of the campaign, the family had already delivered 1,500 portions all over the city.  

“Thanks to media and social networks the whole Ukraine knows about Ulianа and her goal. My colleagues and I wanted to eat something for lunch. We ordered syrniki and decided to pay in an unusual way. Uliana symbolizes that dreams come true before the New Year,” the marketing representative of Turkish Airlines Olha Kaplun said.

Thus, at the airport, mother and daughter unexpectedly received two Turkish Airlines tickets to any place in the world as a gift. Now Uliana and her mother have to choose the date and destination point. The rest will be taken care of by the airline. “I am speechless, I am very happy. It is like I am dreaming. But we won’t stop, we will continue to sell our syrniki,” the girl admitted.

Yulia says the family will start saving for a new dream – a trip to Poland to visit Uliana’s “groom.” Children regularly phone each other and have already agreed they will marry when they grow up.

Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photo: Newsroom