Culture News Society, 15/09/2017

No Limits Tours Pass Kharkiv

Today, September 15, the second excursion for the people with disabilities was held within Inclusion festival.

If the first unusual tour was dedicated to the Constitution of Ukraine and went from Maidan Svobody to Maidan Konstitutsii in June, this time, Kharkiv enthusiasts Victoria Sklyarova, Leonid Onyshchenko, Dmytro Krupka and Leonid Baldin linked their rout with the issue of the Independence of Ukraine.

“People do not value anything they receive without a struggle. So it came about with Independence of Ukraine. Therefore, another way was shown to us, the way of the fight for our freedom,” says Dmitry Krupka, the tour guide. He revealed some unknown facts from the history of Ukrainian Independence connected with his personal memoirs and family stories of Kharkiv.

According to Victoria Sklyarova, the excursion gathered about 60 participants; among them, there were wheel-chaired and visually impaired people. There were also volunteers, historians, some University teachers and members of Skhidnyi Corpus.

The tour started on 12 Danilevska street, with a lecture on the courtyard architectural symbols. After that, the participants went to the famous Slovo house.

“The people could feel the spirit of the famous poets and writers, who lived here – Mykola Khvylovy, Maik Yohansen, Ostap Vyshnya, Pavlo Tychina,” says Sklyarova.

Kultury street which changed its name about five times was the tour backbone. And the final point was the Wedding palace on Sumska street. This building also changed its function more than once.

“The second excursion united very different people – with different views and religious beliefs. What they had in common was their love to Kharkiv. Also, the idea for the next tour has appeared today. It will be dedicated to Pokrov holiday which is the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks, celebrated in October,” says Sklyarova.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Viktoria Sklyarova